ISE -伊勢- [KM-685]
ISE -伊勢- [KM-685]

ISE -伊勢- [KM-685]

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"ISE" This is a Super Gold II (SPG-II) blade version of the KM-580 Ariake with a little loger blade size, 7-1/4" Semi Drop point Hamaguri-ba SPG-II core forge layered 420J2 Stainless Damascus Steel blade with long false edge and thumb notches on back, 5" Hand contoured OD Green Canvas Micarta handle with lanyard hole on end.

Comes with hand fitted "SUNLOID KD" sheath.
SUNLOID KD is an Acrylic-PVC Alloy Plate made by SUMITOMO BAKELITE.

You can order the DOTS belt device separately at $10, if you need, with the shopping cart located in Accessory.

SPG-II Damascus Blade in 6.0mm thick, 185mm blade, 310mm overall, weight 380g