Anaconda [KM-585]
Anaconda [KM-585]

Anaconda [KM-585]

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"Anaconda" Another large Heavy duty Machete type knife! 13-1/4" slightly recurved Drop point OU-31 Hamaguri-ba blade with long false edge and thumb notches on back in heavy 8.6mm thick, 6" hand contoured Black/Beige layered Micarta handle with hammering butt on end and finger retaining paracord straps.

Comes with hand fitted "SUNLOID KD" sheath.
SUNLOID KD is an Acrylic-PVC Alloy Plate made by SUMITOMO BAKELITE.

You can order the DOTS belt device separately at $10, if you need, with the shopping cart located in Accessory.

OU-31 Blade in 8.6mm thick, 338mm blade, 490mm overall, weight 1050g