Backup Neo [KM-300]
Backup Neo [KM-300]

Backup Neo [KM-300]

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"Backup Neo" This is a new evolved model of Kiku's famous Backup series. Kiku has been making 10 different KM-460 Backup series for your choice, but they are getting old fashioned, so he has discontinued those old models and has replaced with this new one.

It features Kiku' famous Multi grinds blade of recurved concave (hollow) grind body with extended Hamaguri-ba grind toward tip and fase edge on the back, 6" OU-31 blade in 5.7mm thick, 5" Hand contoured Black Canvas Micarta handle with thumb notches on back and Finger retaining Paracord. 10-3/4" Overall length,

Comes with hand fitted "SUNLOID KD" sheath.
SUNLOID KD is an Acrylic-PVC Alloy Plate made by SUMITOMO BAKELITE.

You can order the DOTS belt device separately at $10, if you need, with the shopping cart located in Accessory.

OU-31 blade in 5.7mm thick, 150mm blade, 273mm overall, weight 365g